REGENT focuses on a specific set of book printing and manufacturing criteria and concentrates to constantly improve in that area. We utilize quality sheet fed printing and are cost-competitive in quantities as small as 1,000 and sometimes produce handmade products in quantities over 100,000—full-color illustrated books and Paper-based packages. Our established relationships with the individual craftsmen who print your projects, combined with your quality digital and full-color press proofs, eliminate the need and the cost for you to go on press checks.

We provide the strength of our long-term relationships with factories equipped to produce your product from start to finish. We help do it faster, more cost-effectively, and with quality that you can be proud of. We are available, approachable, and knowledgeable about your project at all times so that we can truly be an asset to your creative team!

Our customers soon learn that even the most discriminating designers can trust Regent’s highly trained staff to act on their behalf.