We manufacture your books, journals, stationery, and catalogs. We produce educational materials, religious works, children’s books, adult, geographical information, artist portfolios, specialty packaging , and more.

It all starts with your idea. Our estimating department is prepared for your creative process. Our sales representatives will answer all your questions regarding our paper, process, schedules, and terms. They may offer cost savings ideas or ways to improve your turnaround time. They are prepared to listen to your specific requirements and be attentive to your needs! They will provide samples and mock-ups, fabric swatches and paper samples, schedules, and options—and our estimators will provide a price and details for your immediate consideration.


We will provide a price on your project; it’s easy and there is no obligation! Consider and include the following information.

  • Quantity
    This is one of the most important factors in getting a quote. The higher the quantity, the lower the unit price. Please note that the unit cost variation between a quote of 500, 1000, and 2000 qty is considerable because you are doubling and tripling the quantity. Certain fixed costs are consistent so as an example, a fixed cost of $1000 equals $2.00, $1.00, or .50 each, depending on the qty.
  • Trim Size
    Limit the number of trim sizes on your first request. Multiple variables can slow the turnaround time of our estimates. Portrait (taller) is less expensive than Landscape (long). In general, when printing overseas the larger the trim size, the more expensive the product. Due to shipping costs, there aren’t many ways to enjoy savings by utilizing optimal trim sizes.
  • Binding Style
    There is no limitation to the types of binding and finishing we can provide. Be as creative as you like. Find similar products that appeal to you and provide photos or details for us to match. We can build anything to your specifications, so please provide as much detail as possible.
  • Paper Types
    Interior paper is coated (matte or gloss) or uncoated (woodfree). Many samples are included in this book. Are the interior pages printed with full color (4 color) or is it text (1C)? Please indicate accordingly.
  • Cover Materials
    Please indicate hard bound or softbound, wrapped with real cloth or printed paper. Consider lamination to protect the finish.
  • Proofs
    Proofing costs are additional and not included in the item price. Consider how color-critical your job is and purchase the appropriate proofs.
  • Shipping Destinations
    Please indicate the city and zip code of the final destination. If you have a freight forwarder, we can provide FOB prices.
  • Extra Items
    Indicate which items or special features you would like to see itemized as an extra line item such as ribbons, mailing cartons, shipping costs. We are happy to provide all the details.

Please contact your sales office to send the Request for Quote